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Sam - The Salesman

(pictures coming soon)

Phrase: “Can’t we talk this over?”

Expert in office supply attacks, constantly seeking to improve

Highly self-critical, perfectionist, reluctant fighter

The youngest and runt of a large hillbilly family, Salesman was constantly picked on by his large and hairy brothers and sisters. Sam started training in martial arts. While he almost earned his black belts in numerous practices; his family’s finances always prevented him from completing them (usually to bail out his drunken siblings.) Wanting to distance himself from his family, Sam received a P.I.T.Y. scholarship for college, and changed his accent. After meeting his wife in college, they moved to Suburbia.

Below Are Pictures Of Sam - The Salesman.

(pictures coming soon)

Sam - The Salesman Is In The Graphic Novel - Suburban Fighters By: Mourning Daily.





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