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About Us:

General Sherman Tree

We thought a little Q&A might give you some insight about us.

What are the early comic books that pique your interest?

Mourning: The first comic I remember reading was Secret Wars in a dentist office. Later, when I was old enough to purchase comic books; I was interested in Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Iron Man.

Daily: Sometime around early 1990's I watched the animated X-men cartoon show. I absolutely loved the majority of the characters. I was glued to the televison every Saturday morning.

One weekend I went with my parents to a antique mall. (Talk about a fun day!) One of the booths at the antique mall was filled with comic books. I could not believe that my favorite cartoon characters were in books as well as a tv show. (I know I was sheltered! At that Time I did not know about comic books.) I purchased a X-men comic book with Storm on the cover. I thought that the weather witch rocked!

What made you decide to create comic books/graphic novels?
Mourning: Like every comic book reader, you want to see your own ideas in print.

Daily: My partner is the reason we started our first graphic novel. I never thought that I would get off my bum and create a graphic novel by myself. I need the push to make things happen.

My partner in crime lets me know if I ever have free time.... then I could work on a book! It is helpful and irritating (lol) at the same time.

What is your favorite genre to write about?
Mourning: It depends on my mood at the time. Right now I enjoy writing comedy and action. In Suburban Fighters you will find the slap stick manga parody type of comedy. In Super Zero High, you find parodies of super heroes intricacies.
We are have a series that is focusing on the fantasy aspect (Mythical Magick).

We do not want to be labeled as one type of genre. We like a diversity of styles in our works. Some day we hope to expand even more and branch into horror.

Daily: My stories tend to gravitate towards fantasy, romance and horror. As for a all time favorite..... Well, I don't have a special genre that I solely focus on. I prefer to kind of blend different genres into my stories.

Describe the first book that you have produced as Mourning Daily?

Mourning: Suburban Fighters, is a mixture 1950's suburbia meets the manga Street Fighter series. Like I said before it is a slap stick type of comedy.

The key to this series is that any ordinary character can have amazing fighting abilities. Another defining characteristic of the series is the people call out or yell their specialized attacks. Typically, that is found more often in anime or manga styled books. For example: Dragon Ball Z characters announce their battle moves while they are attacking or powering up.

Daily: The first story is about the Mailman vs the Milkman. You get to see who delivers. ( :) ) They use anything from milk bottles to mailboxes in their attacks. It is entertaining to see how they use the items around them as weapons. That along with what "Mourning" said, pretty much sums up Suburban Fighters.

You can check out the preview that we have posted online to get the feel for the series.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Mourning: The constant mood swings that I deal with from the people around me.

Daily: I get inspiration from my dreams and watching the world around me. People watching can be fun when the people act foolish.

Any all ages books planned?
Mourning: Yes, we have a few in the planning stage. We are currently focusing on the 3 series that we have a following on. In time we hope to get one of our ALL AGES books created.

Daily: We were going to make Mythical Magick an all ages book. That is until we decided that war was on the horizon for the series. So, we had to switch gears with that story. Once we get the ball rolling strong with Mythical Magick, we may start drawing an All Ages story.

Traditional computer geek question... MAC Or PC?
Mourning: PC

Daily: The price of the system and programs make the choice for me. Getting a PC system with all the bells and whistles is usually cheaper than a MAC.

However, the iPad is looking pretty sweet as a to go art tablet. The only thing lacking on the iPad is the iPad screen. (the screen needs work with a smaller pen) It just needs to be upgraded a bit before I can think of getting one.

Right now we are playing with PC's only.

What do you expect in the future with your company?
Mourning: Expanding our line of graphic novels to include horror. Also we plan on continuing the Suburban Fighters, Super Zero High and Mythical Magick titles.

Daily: Outside of expanding our titles.....We might delve into the realm of web comic books. I wonder how well that would work for us????

We are also are planing on adding different character merchandise. Our characters from the Mourning Daily Universe will be every where! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

More Q&A will be posted at a later date.

National Park Picture

The image above has not been edited in Photoshop.

The trees are really that big!!!


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Current Books

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The Hunted

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